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Issue: 7

Published: November 2019

Artists Featured:

Jenny Nijenhuis, Janos Kujbus, David Grudniski, Lan Chunghsuan, Jiawei Zhao, Ludwika Pilat, BGW, Antoine Therrien Chevalier, Hannah Stippl and Marcel Schwittlick.


Digital Art, Public Art, Media Art, Photography, Painting, Environmental Art, Film, Installation.

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Artist Jenny Nijenhuis Flags a Message of Distress

Artist Jenny Nijenhuis is addressing the situation in South Africa through her art practice, and has taken the role of an activist to surface these issues not only within her own country but also abroad.


Her latest work, This is South Africa, is a large South African flag fashioned from panties and underwear donated by rape survivors to her SA's Dirty Laundry installation in 2016. The flag is hung upside down as a signal of distress in accordance with the international communication protocols.


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Exhibition by Janos Kujbus

Hyperrealistic provocative paintings, frozen figures that are both familiar and alien, old paintings in a new context, were all on display in 'Soft Power', the recent successful exhibition of art works by Janos Kujbus at the B24 Gallery in Debrecen, Hungary.

The works are visually appealing and provoke thoughts about the stories behind them. The series of paintings can be interpreted as an experience of reading a book, the story and characters come together to form an individual interpretation by the audience.

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NEW Perspectives

David Grudniski Widens Perspectives with A New Series of Paintings

David Grudniski's paintings are acrylic on canvas and through the use of various layering techniques, each painting goes through a unique intuitive process, bringing it to a natural, narrative, finale.


In the beginning of 2019 his initial intent was to elevate the narrative of his work to include the diversity of inner-city life and culture. "The collage of our common social reality is represented through pockets of human interaction which as a whole manifest into a cohesive expression of daily inner-city life."

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Space Deaths

Lan Chunghsuan Explores Idealism, Social Issues and Death

Lan Chunghsuan's art practice is focused on spatially sensitive works, which he uses to explore & communicate concepts such as freedom, idealistic individualism and death. Lan's approaches are different from project to project depending on the medium and the reference used.


However, most of the deaths represented in his works are inspired by historical and cultural facts. They refer to various historical casualties, body gestures in oil paintings portray death scenes, and the myths and the taboos about death. 


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The influence of china on american culture

Artist Jiawei Zhao Grapples with China's Influence on American Culture

Originally from Beijing, Jiawei Zhao moved to the U.S to attend college, and has been living in America for eleven years since then.


Zhao's work has references to the experience of displacement and cultural assimilation. When initially starting his Wallpapers project he noticed several monuments in New York's  Chinatown.


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Painting and Collage

Artist Ludwika Pilat Provokes Thoughts and Questions

After becoming an architect, artist Ludwika Pilat rediscovered and incorporated collage elements in some of her acrylic paintings and with this she is looking to provoke thoughts and questions.


Most of Pilat's collages are the result of a self-brainstorming when she is seeking to sort out her thoughts, and then go through her vast library of words and images cut out of scientific and lifestyle magazines.


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Life changing expressive painting

Who is BGW is a Swiss artist who paints mainly with acrylic and knife. Leading a successful career in the finance industry with individual and life ambitions, art hasn't been a part of BGW's life.


All this had suddenly changed after a sport accident left BGW with a physical disability. Going through the difficult rehabilitation period, BGW faced a great challenge of figuring out the path forward for his life. The path with art.

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Defending Culture

Antoine Therrien Chevalier Defends Culture Through Film & Photography

Antoine Therrien Chevalier studied cinema and television. He has been making movies since childhood with a camera given to him by his parents. 


Chevalier follows a dynamic creative process that changes from one day to another. He relies on his inspiration of the moment, with emotions or the message that he would like to convey.


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Environmental art

Hannah Stippl Paints Horticulture Patterns

Hannah Stippl's artistic practice focuses on painting and installations. The repetitive structure of her works evoke an ambiguous impression of nature.


Horticultural installations are an important part of her practice, just as important as painting. The installation are usually developed in a different process depending weather they are indoor or outdoor installation.


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Juliet Hillbrand

Kristen Elizabeth

Special Feature


Exhibition by Marcel Schwittlick

In 2012 media artist Marcel Schwittlick started recording the movements of his computer mouse. He wrote a piece of software that is running in the background on the computer and records every single movement of the cursor on the screen. Everything is being recorded and saved. All movement that happened between two clicks is interpreted as a line. 

With time Schwittlick had developed a framework to handle these lines in various ways. This framework contains algorithms and processes which can modify the material “cursor lines”. It’s crucial for controlling and handling this overwhelming amount of data, which exists of millions of lines. It’s an unconventional process to get an overview. "You can’t just easily print them and lay them all out on a table, to get an overview. This was a challenge for me, organizing and exploring these recordings."


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