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From: Colorado, US

Based in: New York, US

Born: 1990

Main Artistic Theme: Performance, Pianist

Web: instagram/angelicaolstad

Professional pianist, Angelica Olstad makes immersive storytelling experiences.

Olstad has a Masters in Music from the University of Illinois.


Angelica Olstad is a pianist who makes immersive storytelling experiences.


A formally trained musician, Olstad writes derivative pieces sourced from classical repertoire merged with installations, emerging technologies, and multimedia performances. Her work focuses on exploring themes of objects, socio-economic disparity through an analysis of home life, the female perspective through rituals and self-care, and bi-racial identity which is underscored by sparse, minimal music sourced from music that is hundreds of years old.


By utilizing classical forms, technology, media, soundscapes, and collaboration with other artists, Olstad creates experiential music performances that invites audiences to reflect on the timelessness of the human experience through past and future disciplines.

Olstad received numerous scholarships and completed a Master’s in Music at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) where she was the recipient of distinctions and a prestigious teaching assistantship. During this time she began experimenting with a live composition technique she calls “deconstructing”. Inspired by a strong background in the arts, Angelica also proposed, designed and taught a course for undergraduates teaching music history through comparative studies in creative writing, literature, science, history, and art.

Olstad is the founder of Pop Up Yoga NYC

Selected Performances

Melbourne RC 



Melbourne, AU

Studio Production

With Chris Child:

Versions EP

New York, US


Reworked - Melbourne Recital Centre

A video recap of Reworked, a multi-media performance that follows a three part narrative focusing on themes of time, movement, race, and exploration of identity through travel. Sourced from classical piano repertoire, the performance combines live piano with synths (performed by musician/producer Elkkle), video art, objects, and a found footage from the artist's travels.


This contemporary style of performance challenges the conventional norms of classical music, by fusing old repertoire with new media, modern minimalism, and pop to fully re-contextualize and transform into a fully immersive experience.

Performance also featured world premiers of two pieces from collaborative EP "Versions" with musician/composer Chris Child.

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